Equipment Hire

The hall does have equipment for hire for events at the hall, these are listed below:-

Radio microphone portable unit -

Trantec S4.16 running on channel 70 (863-865MHz – Microphone  frequency 1 to 4)) The mobile unit has four receivers in a flight case with four belt pack with standard lapel microphones.

Please contact Barns Green Players to hire any of the below:-.

Email -


The main hall has a lighting bar fitted with 8 PAR 38 LED coloured lights and light bar. This can give the hall a completely different look and feel at a touch of a button. Link here for information.


The main hall has an excellent sound system with 6 JLB speakers. The system has a small mixer which allows microphones, laptops and ipods etc to be used. When booking the hall ask about the availablity of the system if you interested in adding sound to your function.

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