Barns Green Village Hall - Covid-19 procedures

For the front section of the hall (stage to main door) we will be using the “one-metre-plus” (Seating model 1) approach which means members of the public can be one metre away from each other as long as other measures are put in place to limit the transmission of the virus.
People from different households will now only have to keep one metre apart, including in newly opened businesses, as long as people are taking other precautions such as wearing a mask, regularly washing hands, and sitting side-by-side rather than face-to-face.

Technically social distancing is still 2m; it is 1m plus other mitigation measures where 2m cannot be applied. We are working to the acceptable 1m plus mitigation guidelines for the front section of the hall, because numbers that could be admitted at 2m across the whole hall would prevent the shows taking place.

The back section of the hall will be at “2m spacing” (Seating model 2) limited number of seats.

Over 70 year-olds are welcome to attend but must book seats in the rear section only, However, the guidance for those aged 70 and over continues to be that they should take particular care to minimise contact with others outside their household.

Reduced number of available seats (52 down from 180)
Wearing Face coverings (Optional)
Sitting side by side
Control of 2m spacing for coming in and leaving
No bar
No drinks
Kitchen closed
Customers can bring there own sweets and drinks
Hand sanitiser will be available at the door and in the toilets
Quarter light windows will be open in the main hall and kitchen to allow air movement

The cinema will be pre-booking only with payment on-line. Bookings will close 24 hours before the film. This will allow us to space the chairs out further than the one metre rule if we have not sold all 52 seats.

The booking system will hold your contact details for 21 days.